Two Hearts Made for Each Other

by Superchick11
(Pheonix, AZ, USA)

"My heart's on the line." The red-head said
Tuesday on the phone with her boyfriend
"Only two weeks I've been gone." he said
"But they felt like years, until now, at your trip's end
Then the day we had felt like a week,
The second week felt like torture until I couldn't speak"
He said only this after her speech:
"I'm sorry. I'm on the plane. I'll be back in a few
But let me tell you this one thing: I love you?"
She remembered those words in bed that night
And woke up to none less than a fright
She found a small blue box on the counter
And the silent hall rang with joyful laughter
In her delight she ran out the door
And on one knee she found on the floor
Her boyfriend who had come back in the night
On one knee he said "You are my light;
You are my love; you are my everything
Will you marry me?"
She jumped for joy speechless
For she was not expecting this
And after she managed to say yes
Her life ended up the best
The End

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