Unbearable pain

by Tiffany

The wait is unbearable, with questions that could be terrible. To find out if your heartbeats, and if you still want me.
They isolated us, just when we had trust. They manipulated, and lied, I assume on both sides. I never believed their speculations, when they said you were spreading mean accusations.
I felt what was in your heart, and wanted it from the start. I saw what was in your eyes, behind the pain, was a sign. I hold on to the touch, when we embraced and lost so much. Please know I never left you, they ripped us apart, after you showed me your heart.
I feel the same as I always did, when I said I love you and your my bestfriend. I need to know your alright, so I can fight the pain, and tears at night.
I need to know you want this too, the future we planned, I can't live without you. You promised to be honest and not break my heart, tell me they didn't destroy us, before we got a start.

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