Uncontrollable Love

by Haley

The tears in my eyes make me feel like im blind.

Heart broken in peices, the parts i need to find.

Blood on my wrist, eyeliner running down my face.

All of my friends say you need to be replaced.

I say i dont beleive in love, it doesnt matter, doesnt exist.

But every time i think of you, blood seems to run down my wrist.

I feel the pain slide in deeper.

Wanna be face to face with the grim reaper.

I never let my pain seep through.

I dont know what I saw in you.

But its still there.

My heart needs to be repaired.

The only thing i'll tell her is lies.

Baby, im not good with your goodbyes.

When i heard you were with her, my heart popped.

It stopped.

Stopped dead in its tracks.

Their telling me to relax.

When i punch the wall in furry.

My whole world goes blurry.

I cant see straight.

I knew this would be my fate.

But the pain you put me through,

Doesn't even compare to the pain of not being with you.

And even though you still do the stuff you do.

I can honestly say to you.

That my love is still true.

When i said "forever till i die."

I wasnt telling a lie.

Even when you said "Goodbye"

My heart still remained with you.

As it will forever.

It doesn't matter who your with; whoever.

I want to rip at my heart.

Tear at it; apart.

I need to be smart.

But baby wait.

I cant do this anymore.

I need to be like i was before.

I gotta stop the way i feel.

I need to heal.

It's whatever.

I dont understand.

From my heart, you are forever banned.

This poem is over.

Like me and you.

It's through.

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Oct 30, 2010
by: PeaceFrog

Not impossible
to overcome
when you rekindle
the light within
pour it on & turn it up
their loss your free
this time still
too find
that peace
and love
we all need
thanks for sharing
your experience
you've the strength
the entire universe
please share
more, peace

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