Under Renovation

by Teresa Ann Frazee
(Boynton Beach, FL)

I want to decorate heaven, to a certain degree
I conferred with the angels and they all agree
I am in charge, I’m God you see
For all intents and purposes, I’m the powers that be

I’d like to coat the pearly gates with mixed paints
I’ve got eager volunteers from the good ole saints
It’s not that the residents here have any complaints
It’s just time to go wild with no color restraints

After an eternity you grow weary of white
There’s simply no contrast and it’s awfully bright
When I look down I revel in sheer delight
You know, I can see everything from this height

You guys on earth have really got it made
I gave you vibrant colors that never fade
This true fact need not be conveyed
Just behold my gift of green on a polished jade

So I’ll take a swatch of yellow from the moon and stars
A dab of deep red from the planet Mars
A drop of brown from melted chocolate bars
And a patch of spots from sleeping jaguars

I’ll make sure you’re covered with a tarp of blue
My celestial painters will not splatter you
Sorry for the inconvenience, my creativity is long overdo
And there are still some ideas I’d like to pursue

Can’t wait for you to see my place
You’ll find no white here now, not even a trace
I’ve transformed it into quite the showcase
Amazing what you can do with time and space

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by: Shaista Khadim

Your poem is simply the best...amazing description..keep up the good work:)

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