Understanding Understatement.

by Eleanor Leech
(Lowestoft, Suffolk, United Kingdom)

Sometimes my being is impossible when my view of every second is so philosophical. Sometimes its easier to be alone in a society where one must be a clone. Sometimes I don't understand how I feel, when I lack company that is real. Sometimes I see the world so tragic, when my being is so wonderfully magic.

My words are like bubbles in the ocean, I speak my words with such emotion. Sometimes people don't seem legit, in society I can't see where I fit. Sometimes people don't see, that I'm right here in front of them filled with such empathy.

Sometimes I don't know why people forget they have a soul. Sometimes I don't understand why living and giving are two different things. Why people don't strive or see the earth as alive. See the earth as a beautiful living organism and its inhabitants as significant and magnificent.

Sometimes I wish people would just open their eyes and feel their being and the love around, without violence, greed and too much sound. I know I can't make people see, but if you see, then follow this road with me.

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Nov 11, 2012
Such emotion
by: Maureen Dennis

People do not see
what they are not ready to see
so to themselves they lie
nothing can be done, but sigh

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