by Sean

is it so easy?

Every day creating; drawing, typing, recording, making
And if something goes wrong? you undo.

But it's rarely that easy...

novelty, poetry, musical ribaldry, art and software
Flung in with some care, but always so mutable.

it's not always so easy...

What? when the screen dims? The keyboard's aside? Technology vacates and you're left, unallied, with perhaps just a hand or a pen and the paper. What then?
life is not always so feasibly fixable.

But it can be that easy...

All you need do when you're out in the world is remember one thing, and Remember. When not at your keyboard and away from your desk, undo is a crutch without which we are blessed. Our real world mistakes don't just vanish and sink. When there's no ctrl+z, take a moment to think.

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Food for thought
by: Victoria

This was an enjoyable piece, as it does give the reader something to think about. Not your average, poem, which in my opinion I find refreshing... Food for thought......

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