Undying Love

by Angelica Jusino
(Bronx, New York)

The vampire turns to her, licking his lips.
A drink is what he wanted, but a mate he desired,
The girl walked to the vampire and placed her hand on his chest.
She knew she had loved him and wished for him to be her sire.
But they both had feared...there would be a bloody mess,
The girl was a princess and the vampire was infamous.
The vampire looked into the the young princess's eyes and whispered to her, "my dear, I have great desire for you but you are a princess and me..I am the count who everyone despises."
This was all a dream the girl thought, but remembering her father's words, "be careful you are royalty and here in Bucharest. No man nor creature will stop!"

The girl pushed out those dreadful words and then ran into Dracula's arms.
He held her like he would if he was burning.
He bowed on one knee, took her knee and saved her dream.
He asked her, "Princess Anna, please marry me and become my bride."
She cried lowly and got to her knees, savoring her lips with his and replied happily "Yes my love. I will be your undying love!"

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