by Mazezty C. Navarro
(Redondo Beach, CA, United States)

Many words unspoken, so many hearts broken; Too many tears created
Dreams and windows shattered, my body and furniture damaged
Monster cans lined up, opened and emptied,
Red eyes full of Pain; Poems burning in the fire place
I'm trying to speed up my pace, this Fast Life of mine isn't moving fast enough,
I don't know who I am anymore, the old me is dead and gone
My name has been buried underneath the mud,
Thou shall not kill, yet here lies our Love dead in Cold Blood;
I thought it was me against the World, now it's me against you not wanting there to be another us;
I want to make it work, but you've already given up; packed your things and moved on,
It's all cool, you never loved me the way I loved you, no need to lie, I know the truth
This isn't a poem showing how much I miss you, what I've became without you,
This is the only way I have to remember you...

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