unknown love (sad and long) ^part 2^

by d-dog
(memphis tn)

i had a love
she was unknown
no one loved her more than me.
her smile was brighter
than the sun itself.
she would light the world around me
but woe the day
of a family member
of whom i will not say.
he was someone
both me and my sister
loved the very same way.
i held my sister close to me
and kissed her as she cried.
i looked at my sister in a loving way
and said "I'll always be by your side".
suddenly i heard a sound
faint but very clear.
it was a woman's voice
one that i knew all too well.
it was my beauty love's
but it soon disappeared.
i rounded hate corner
and saw to my horror
my love one lying there.
i knelt down beside her
and stroked her hair.
tears gathering in my eyes.
i called her name out
hoping she'll wake
and tell me it was just a joke.
but to my dismay
she never rose
and slept forevermore.

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