by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

Calm waters lure to me
A place uncharted of distant land
The gateway upon the mystic water stand
A place where no man should be.

No man dwells, rare the ships seldom past
A warning for those who desire to go ashore
You’ll find no safety here mid life’s poor
This is a land of misguided vast.

Amidst it’s lies, the unsavory man
The luring of calm sought through the rift
The spirits that dwell, the souls they sift
Where sleep of day not found if you can.

Upon it’s shores no flower or beast has home
Abrupt and ghostly where no splendor save
The stillness of air, the mist from the wave
Creatures of mind this place they roam.

A place of undeniable beauty, yet we swore
By all the brightness from stars in flight
Not the place to seek refuge for the night
Beware of this place with haunted shore.

And no man denied the tale, for they knew
The enchanted mystery before their eyes
Strange sense of fear unknown surmise
Men who lived to tell the tale so true.

Should you stumble upon such place
Though the tempests sings her song
Take no refuge this place is wrong
Here dwells the spirits without face.

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