by Justin Waddle
(Bigelow, Arkansas, U.S.)

Sittin' on a pedestal
A mile high
Pen stays Eagle Tippin'
Ink slung from the sky
Sit back suckers
And watch me get mine
Dedicated to fire
I'll stay on my grind
Let it rip forever
Till the end I'll shine
No need to wonder
I've seen a sign
And all y'all patiently waiting
It's time
To turn these grapes I write
Into sweet tasty wine
No longer is the need
To drop a dis in a rhyme
Or battle straw men
Of any kind
Time to leave
The petty bullsh-t behind
And aim for the stars
In which I strive
Sit back and enjoy life
It's a beautiful ride
Regardless of what y'all think
I've still not reached my prime
But as soon as I do
You'll know it's arrived
Don't get me wrong
I still got fits that need to be tied
And I still vent
By busting lyrics when I ride
And I still love to get on up
Mile high to raw hide
Until I die

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