Until you weren't here

by Michel Velez

I cant describe how this hurts.
Its really something new.
I feel it, but its gone when im with you.
I dont know how to say it,
But you're just the same as me.
You understand my kind of crazy.
Sometimes when we talk
I want to do it more and more
Its your laugh i do adore.
And i miss you. You know i do.
Everyday. It hurts. It is my pain.
But its heaven with you, i cant explain.
My love for you is just the same.
I havent seen you in a while.
But you still make me smile.
There's this beauty about nighttime
It feels good to be alone and cry
But i have to sleep i have to try.
And there's this magic about sleeping.
I dont have to miss you, you're with me.
In my dreams, we're together you see.
I always tell myself it will be better
And i do believe it, because it will.
Because i want a life with you still.
I know we can do this. You're worth it to me.
Ive never felt emptiness until you werent here.
But our future, our dreams are so near.
Dont think you hurt me. You don't
Yes its killing me but its gonna be okay.
For you, i will continue to live this way.

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