by Suri
(Somewhere on Earth)

It's not the kind of pain you enjoy feeling.
This is much more.
It is ripping the tears out my eyes, saying it's the only way.
No, it's not the aftermath of a blade nor the fruit of a knife.
It is much more.

It is stealing my breath at every moment I go up for air.
No, it is not the miracle of water nor the embrace of a rope.
It is much more.

This is more than simple pain gained from a stab to the heart,
more than a word ripping your feelings apart,
more than life itself.

This is death.
Caressing the very soul, telling me it'll be over with one touch.
Letting me know long it has been waiting for this moment to come.

I wake up from my heavy sleep, wipe the tears out of my eyes,
breath in the toxic air around me, and with one lash
it all ends.

Lying motionless in pain I reach out for help.
No one sees me.
No one hears me.
I'm dying.

But as life rushes out of me, I see you.
I know.
I know that I will not die when you're beside me.

Death runs away on it's black wings to never come,
as long as you're with me.
You take me in your arms and carry me away to a land where reality and fiction are both the same.

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