Untold Love of a Mother

(Vancouver, WA)

We start our life depending on our mothers 24-7 and as we grow that love becomes stronger and stronger with each passing day, A mother teaches us how to be independent so we can become strong and healthy in this harsh but beautiful world, and as the years pass you have many ups and downs, and even times of walking away and not wanting to look back. but then the day comes that you wake up and think back to all the good and the bad, and you realize you are that strong and healthy person that your mother from day one said you would be, and you think, not once did she ever take a step back, and that every time you turned to see, who was there, even if not in sight, you could feel it in your heart, it was your mother from day one. How do you say good-bye to the one that gave you her all with no regrets, I understand now the meaning of the sayings (never go to bed mad) (say I love you as often as you can) (and most of all just let her know she did a good job from day one no matter the bumps in the road on the way. I LOVE YOU MOM FROM WITH IN THE DEPTHS OF MY SOUL.

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