Vampire Love Poems

He is the prince of the night. Vampire Love Poems explore the passions that drive this nocturnal creature, whose quest for women is insatiable, his thirst for blood unquenchable.

The vampire is a noble philanderer who deals in the flowing veins of young maidens. He prefers to work at night, lying in state by day when the sun reigns over the skies.

His legend strikes fear in the hearts of the humble tillers of soil in the region of Transylvania. The vampire’s infamy knows no boundaries, and men are overcome with dread at the thought of his countenance.

We hope you enjoy this very special collection of Vampire Love Poems from the writers at My Word Wizard.

Read them at your peril.

Forager of Blood

Across centuries I have searched
For a love so true and pure
Bound in blood and sacrifice
Yet my yearning must endure
War and strife have I seen
Men have come to blows
For lesser things than love and beauty
This madness I abhor
And I they call a vampire
A forager of blood
But it is beauty that I seek
My heart for love to flood

A Brief Encounter

On a dark and misty eve
through jagged, cobbled streets
a maiden fair with golden hair
sauntered cross the road.
So young, such beauty
a splendorous visage,
on angels wings she strode
she walked into a murky world
too slight for such a load.
My lips curled and moistened
It was time to strike
For love it would not wait
Though she did resist this brief encounter
She could not alter fate


The villagers are out for blood
It is my neck they have in mind
We've much in common,
they should acknowledge
I’ll repay them all in kind
There seems to be some misunderstanding
I only seek out beauty
To offer love and eternal passion
It is my sacred duty

I met her at the churchyard gate
She was destitute and weak
I promised riches, a bountiful life
Her interest did I pique
And so I brought her to the castle
Beguiled by her decolletage so pure
My oath of blood, my quest for love
I would not, could not abjure

And so she was mine,
eternally and forever

A Vampire's Pain

As a youth I could not foresee
What lay on the road ahead
Eternal life, the quest for love
My intentions oft misread
Can a creature of the night
A dark and bloodied, prince
Find beauty, soul, and adoration
A love I can evince
Such is the fate of a lonely vampire
To traipse the earth alone
For love is fleeting, short and bitter
My pain I do intone

Transfusion Of Love

Blood oozes down from my lips
Adding a touch of crimson to my pale countenance
I feed on your essence
I sate myself with your love.
Indeed, I am a glutton for love
For what could be more endearing
More true
Than a transference from one to another
Of life’s very foundation
The fluid of being
As I suckle your neck so dear
Drawing the milk of your sustenance
I infuse your life into my own
We bond together in eternal devotion
Never to part
To love always

Poetry by Alan Loren

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