Wait And See

by Andres Chavez
(Reno, NV)

Age is jus a number
but I cant help but wonder
wat if it would be if u and me
could be together for all eternity
I may be a Gee
but I got a heart beneath me
it may be hard
but I got a heart
where could I start to talk about my platonic love
to me she a heaven sent from above
a dove amongst crows
and shez never down to be low
shez got a smile that goes for milez
while crap be goin wrong
this lil chica stayz strong
she got eyez that got me mesmerized
got me hypnotized
I cant lie
but damn she got me shy
damn I got a crush
but I aint no rush
plus I gotta keep it hush
but this lust got me doing thingz I havent done in a while
she got this style,that makez me go wild
got her beautiful hair
that sumtimez I cant help but stare
itz rare that I feel like this
and all I keep doing is ask for a wish
now I cant help but think about this,
can't dish hoping she can give me chance
maybe give me a dance
sumthing I hope, sumthing I pray
and now I look like lost stray
cant go without thinking of her
this beautiful dove bird
I dont know I'll jus have to wait and see
maybe she'll give a chance to this krazie Gee

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