Waiting For A Never Ending Sleep

by Jennavive
(Casselberry, FL.)

Look Up and Say Goodbye.

Look Up and Say Goodbye.

Colliding sweat and tears,
the blood washes them away.
Lying there already gone,
her eyes try not to sleep.
Weak and restless, regret comes to play.
Falter, watching her pain.
Helpless, I do not rest.
By her side, I wake in a sleepless dream.
Death makes me wait and see.
Her eyes close, to wake in a dream.
In a never ending sleep.
Now I look up and say goodbye.

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Mar 18, 2014
by: Jenine

I love the fact that I had to read again, to understand it. I sometimes don`t like to understand a poem the first or second time reading it or until someone else explains it to me. I think the better poets, have that ability you do in making the reader say , what, I need to read it again a couple of times or until they get it. I know who you mean and I can`t help but cry. This truly is beautiful, in a morbid way. It`s morbidabiful. Which means morbidlybeautiful.

Sep 25, 2013
Love this poem
by: Felice Gilmartin

Love this poem it has so much feeling in the words!!!

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