Wake Up

by Aileen Jeong
(United States)

Sometimes, I just want a boy to hug me reassuringly.

To kiss me in front of his friends without hesitation.

To caress me as if there’s no tomorrow.

To surprise me with lame presents when I’m not feeling well.

To guard me when I need the protection.

To tell me that I’m worth fighting and living for.

But then, I realize that I need to come back to reality and that things like these only happen in movies.

Reality is where boys will look down on you if you aren’t skinny, blonde, or perfect.

It’s where boys will make you feel horrible for not being perfect.

It’s where the one tiny move of desperation will have you be known as a loser.

It’s where the unpopular girls will only be pitied.

It’s where popular people rule the world.

It’s where I live in.

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