Walking In The Steps Of Love

by Michael
(Redlands, CA, USA)

There are so many different ways to follow you -
your shadows, your fragrance, your voice in the distance.
Your lovely smile in the reflection of my heart.
Everywhere I step, I tread softly
as to not blemish even a hint of your beauty.
Your leaves drop to the earth before me.
I carefully sweep them up
and place them gently between the pages of my mind...
to remember you always.
I walk past the places we have loved so much
and I see you contentedly sitting alone...
or are you crying?
Why can't we share these moments
walking hand in hand,
reminiscing all the steps we took
so carefully building a loving relationship?
Are we truly doomed to walk alone
throughout the rest of our lives,
and only carry the expectations
of what might have been?

Michael 7/10/2013

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