by Christine Redderoth-Roderick
(Southbury, CT)

Hank built every wall around him.
He started with the mountains
that surrounded his house.
He didn't build them of course,
but he made sure he was surrounded by walls,
natural walls that would keep him in.
Next he cut down as many trees as necessary
while still keeping a wall of green
inside the wall of mountains.
Hank had many layers.
Walls were something
Hank was comfortable with.
Hank was a sensitive man.
Too sensitive. Afraid to let people in.
People thought of Hank as cold
and detached, when in reality
Hank was just afraid to let people in.
Hank's previous experiences had taught him
that honesty brought along
inherent dangers, judgements.
Hank choose to be
comfortable with himself,
and as a result,
Hank was a man of walls.

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