by William P. Marino
(Billerica, MA)

It's very difficult to remember.
It was sometime in another September.
When I Think I should be solemn.
I get indifferent for the fallen.
It must depend on what we perceive.
Should we laugh or should we grieve.
When we pass, do we leave?
For those that are left do we appease.

To be happy and glad when we bury Dad.
Could indicate his life was sad.
When alive he made us mad.
Then he died and made us glad.

The suffering bastard that he was.
Had intentions filled with love.
Alcohol can make you giddy.
When you die it isn't pretty.

Who's fault who's fault we must figure
It couldn't have been Mom's we must assume.
Had to be the one not sad.
Certainly not dad entombing dad. 

Things will always be the same.
If we go on assigning blame. 
How bout we love the souls that remain.
Forget the past and start again.

Now we know PTSD exists 
And we should be helping most all vets.
What this country don't insist.
is that the "Top 2 percent" should pay for this.

We know now what wars are for.
It's for wealth and more and more and more.
Suicide is pure despair.
For which we can't repair. NO MORE.

PTSD wont't go away.
IT wont't hurt to help it fade.
Why don't a grateful nation
Give a veteran some salvation.

Golden chutes and Percocetts.
Lawyers thieves but not vets.
Is there nothing we are ashamed of.
Or are we all like Bernie Madoff. 

As one very thankful vet. 
I would like us not to forget.
Obama is the most influential VIP.
To ever mention PTSD.

By Liam Marino 

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