Warmth Within My Beauty

by Trinket_Writer
(WA State)

I'm tiny, delicate, and frozen,
and melt easily in your hand.

I drift, and float everywhere,
but never in the sand.

I'm intricate, special, and pure,
one of a kind, and no-one is like me.

I dance, I cuddle, I brighten,
and fall heavily in the tree.

I can be eaten, caught, played with,
and packed very tight.

Higher, and higher they make me,
once piled up, I make quite the sight.

Kids love me for hours on end,
young in heart, and some very old.

My marvel I suspend to all,
they touch, me, hold me, but come away cold.

My crystals are perfect in all aspects,
I'm weak, yet strong, and beautiful I'm sure.

Strong for a time, blessing the ground,
known by all that I won't always endure.

Many try to capture my beauty,
in their minds, on film, or even on paper.

You can never restrain me, hold me for long,
for when the heat warms me, soon I will taper.

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