Warning of a black Cat Prose

by Stephanie
(Grand Haven, MI USA)

*a fictional story
but based on a true
event in my life.

Silvery flakes
drifted down
glistering in the
bright light of
the moon. The
black bird sat on
a branch of a bush
by my window. The
winter cold air froze
me, so I clutched
my blanket to keep
warm. Angel my
best friend and cat
sat on my bed waited
for me to return to cuddle
to keep warm under the

The black bird squawked
at me, I took a deep breathe.
" Oh that stupid bird," Didn't
get much sleep, the bird kept
on tapping at my window.
Angel gone under the covers
and slept it was too quiet.
I thought I heard Angel
meowing loudly, so I got
up and let Angel out, but
Angel never left my room.

I had this nightmare that
a big trip was coming up
and I was all ready to leave
my house, Mom told me, how
she didn't want me to go and
leave. But I told her, I've been
planning this and that I've been
looking forward to it for months.

Than I had this overwhelming
vision that I saw Angel sitting
by her bowl and food dish
wondering where I was with
food and water. Angel began
to meow loudly. Than as days
went by Angel meowed louder
than ever waiting for food
and water. Her meow was like
a cry for help. After a while
Angel in my dream began
to feel neglected. I began
to cry out," oh no who's
going to take care of my
Angel?" my eyes welled
up with tears as I thought
of the horror. What if Angel
thought I won't come back.

So at the last minute
in my dream I looked
at my packed suitcases,
purse and pack that sat
ready for me to leave for
my trip to China and Seoul.

My heart began to melt
as I thought of Angel
in the vision Angel after
a while began to cry out
in pain and slowly became
sick. It was like I was a
by stander watching Angel
cry because of neglect
and slowly became sickly
and lost a great amount of
weight. If I pulled Angel's fur
a fistful sat in my right hand.
Soon Angel lost the ability
lost the ability to
hear and went
into deep depression.

It made me very sad
in my dream I never
felt, so hopeless
in my entire life.

Later about
a season later
after the dream
in the summer of
Aug 2012 I found
out that Angel's
health had turned
sour and had cancer.
It was like my nightmare
where Angel stopped eating
lost a bunch of weight. And
I grabbed Angel's fur more than
a pinch Angel didn't respond.
It wasn't long Angel wasn't
interested in playing anymore.
I bet Angel felt neglected
and lost even though I
never left Angel. Angel
did look as sickly,
and skinny and
depressed like in
my dream.

After the nightmare
like maybe in Oct I realized
something. Oh my gosh!
I killed Angel. It wasn't
bad enough I had trouble
coping, now to blame
myself for Angel's death.

I had a dream about
Angel about Angel
getting sick and than
slowly dying with
cancer. Why can't I
let this go?

God please be with
me. This might take
a long while
longer than I thought.

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