Warrior of the Moon:

by Aran Shahrestani

And now it stands at the maw
leaping into a daunting new world,
a new existence.
Unraveling in a storm of uncertainty.
It is reborn.
The blazing sun that limited it,
no longer shackled by its searing gaze,

Forged in the light of the moon,
Tempered by friends old and new.
Denizens of the old world eradicated
with a flash of its blade.
The past must be punished for
the future to be preserved.

A master in its own right yet
just another student, another next step.
Molded by lunar laughter and lunacy it
is transformed.
He may not be its final form,
its evolutionary path far from clear

Love abounds in the dark of night,
gone now the petty strifes.
Another sword to join the fight,
a warm and soothing light.

He contemplates his winding path
hoping his nocturnal reign not end too soon.
His blade drawn against the dawn.
A Warrior of the Moon.

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