Watch Them, Watch Me

by Marie Bowers

Monkey see, monkey do..
they all try to be like you..
They’ll tell you their secrets, they’ll tell you their lies…
and leave the truth for you to decide..

When your world is crashing you purge out the pain..
Pouring your words til nothing remains..
You bend and you break beneath the filtered glass..
Knowing all along you never stood a chance..

What’s yours is theirs, but theirs is not yours..
You would never acknowledge what you didn’t deserve..
This is minds integral injustice, they have yet to learn..
A thought once given, cannot be returned..

So you bury regrets beneath a mask,
As they wonder why you turn from words of the past..
“It makes us who we are” – is what they say..
Words passed down in a hundred ways..
But a cookie-cutter response is no relief,
There is no reassurance found in motifs..

Life is complex, and history repeats..
But coincidences aren’t as common as some might think..
So paint your disguise with the finest of brush..
And wonder why the rest of us run..

Impossible to escape the watchful mirror..
Which mimics, reflects your deepest tares..
Except, inexact, which is always the case..
For an original is invaluable and cannot be replaced..
It’s one of a kind, unique and uncoerced..
And their perfect reflection.. exists in reverse.

Trust in yourself and have a little faith..
Believe that you’re worth more than can be erased..
So LET THEM shadow you.. and let them ECHO..
Remember those are the thoughts you let go..
Take it as flattery.. take it with salt..
And for once realize it’s not your fault..

You feel like you’re lost.. You feel so undone..
Like you have no identity.. that “you’re everyone”..
But you are you..
A fact so true..
Have faith
And for once in your life.. Believe in you.

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