Watching, Waiting, Until Then

by Mary Beth Kennedy
(Washington, DC)

Liz Bellon

Liz Bellon

In every plane flying overhead
At night
I see you
Especially starry nights
When nothing's darker than the sky
The air breathes quietly
As you pass by
Those times
When the moon is full,
I hear you laughing
The way we always did
And now
Whenever I'm afraid
I feel you inside
Those moments
I know those worries
Aren't so heavy after all
If dying is the worst that can happen
It's not the worst anymore
It would be so great
To see you again
Heaven must be real
Because you're up there
It will be good to hear
You laugh outside of my head
Until that day I wait
And eat donuts for us both
I think of you every book I pick up
Remember we could just sit
Together and read all day
Not speak in full paragraphs
Till we discussed where to order dinner
I love life
As passionately as you
You have left 'life'
As we know it
Because of the blessing,
That is?
Knowing you,
I walk a seaside boardwalk
Instead of a tight rope
Please keep this all balanced
While we wait, we've still got love
Flowing alive
Through our souls heavenly telescope.

(dedicated to my beloved Liz Bellon. We miss you.)

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