Waters of the Mind

by Evan Schalton
(Charlotte, NC, USA)

My brain swells with the knowledge of the past, and the uncertainty of the future.

Synapses firing, remembering, analyzing, and calculating.
Emotions pouring in, and flooding — no, encompassing my waking life.

A constant battle between optimism yearning for a brighter future, and the realism of a bitter past. I’m lost in life’s tide, at the breaking point, the current pulling me one direction and the waves throwing me back in the other.

A deep breath, and another, wading through life with a constant fear of falling on sharp rocks, moving precociously, avoiding piercing shells — Life has taught me caution.

Yet, my heartfelt emotion begs for love, tells me to dive, tells me to drown my fears and swim!

This struggle, this battle, this untamed wilderness of my mind is yet unresolved — I still wade precociously, still fear for the rocks, still hope that one day I’ll find the courage to dive — To swim is to live free, a life of fear is but a dead end.

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