We Are Who We Are

by Chloe Looi

Even though you fall hard,
You don't give up,
Not for a second; you don't.

Even though you see what you see,
It doesn't mean you have to believe,
Because every time you do; you only hurt yourself.

Even though we see through glass,
Do you see yourself?
Because if you do; I don't see you.

Even though our lives are spent,
What do you think every count meant?
Because when I see you; you mean the world to me.

Even though I open my eyes,
All I see are the stars,
Because when I look up; it's always a war.

Even though my life is part of you,
I will always be there for you,
Because my life; is with you.

And even though life is right around the corner,
We don't shun it like others do,
Because you and I; are who we are.

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