We have gone through it all

by Cheyanne Eaton

Ashley, we've gone through good and bad. When I was ten Great Grammy died we helped each other through, and from that point on our relationship grew, I just couldn't have done it without you.

I love how we have gone through horrible times and not let it affect us at all. Even when I was small you would help me when I would fall. You could always cheer me up good times or bad and when i am in need for a laugh.

You’re the one I look up to when I need inspiration you are the one I look up to when I need a friend. Even though we weren't always a perfect fit but we made it through and I couldn't have done this without you.

From day to day we will always remain the same for almost 13 years we made it through the good times and the bad. Remember when we were little and all the games we would play. I remember, those days they are memories and they will never be forgotten because we are sisters and we will never change.

You have now moved out and I have enjoyed it lots but just remember you will never be forgot. Love you lots.

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