We, I and Our Pain.

by Stuart Kass Kennedy

From the ashes I am rising,
Back to balance this horizon,
From this abyss in which I'm climbing,
Of hopelessness, motionless and bribing,
No hope left in this bottomless pit,
Gotta keep a grip, I gotta keep grip...

Courage and Knowledge mixed with hate is a bonus,
I just anticipate for another brain donor,
Or should I just escape to my other persona,
Because I'm loving No one...

The world is sick time to give it, it's medication,
Red ribbon wrapped and rapped with exhilaration,
So I reward myself, A pill I'm paging,
Supposed to look out for this common wealth,
And still your patient...

These Med-kit's have no instant direct hit,
On my Wonderful headaches,
I think Im addicted to dependent,
Since my hands and legs shake...

Momma I just thought you should know,
I was trying to go forward but being pulled back,
Rocking back and forth in this corner,
But told you as soon as...

I just had a dream,
That my past had captured me,
A crash test dummie,
For the masters who attached a leash...

I wish my eye's were born blind,
Because I'm throwing stones,
Don't wanna see where they land,
Puddle or ocean,
I have to be a man...

I'm already dead,
So no need to worry,
Proclaimed by many men,
Hole filled and buried,
Has got me running naked in the rain,
Don't kill this messenger service, Hades...

If I gotta be who I am,
To make it so in this life,
To be proven as a man,
Even if it takes me all night,
Then get ready for war,
Luckily we ain't men of the cloth,
Because I'm better than before,
Reinforced steel doors,
To keep our laws from feeling forced,
Force feeding your forced beatings,
Frost-bites keep me from restoring my lost life demons,
Cross-wires most nights,
Poor guy's bleeding,
His heart and soul's there screaming on the floor,
Rolling around pulling up floor boards,
And nobodies holding him down.. Jesus,
Well why isn't he giving up,
He's all by his self kicking up fuss with is furious symptoms, Just to help out this forrest-less kingdom with his knowledge and pillars of wisdom.


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