by Sofia Trevino

To: Sofia R.Rivas... From:Mommy and Daddy......

It's hard to say the day you were born..Nothing will ever be the same..It's just so hard to believe you're gone .Baby when the doctors told me that you were gone forever I was flooded with emotions.. You're the angel of the family..Just a few months before you were going to change me and your father's world. To be honest , I didn't expect a beautiful little girl.. I'm so proud, you got your own fans now !..Just look around patiently , we''ve been waiting for you my love but, now your gone. Sofia I've got to stay strong, just like your father and my new job, it's just to make you happy. I miss you!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ...Baby girl you were going to be born into a place filled with evil everywhere that I haven't faced, you were going to see pain,you were going to meet people seeking shelter from the rain, but never fear, Me and your father will always be here .You have a strong daddy to dry your tears away..I know that your daddy is a good person that's why I love your daddy with all my heart. Go Sofia, rest your head . I'll sing lullabies ,when you're sleeping in your bed. Remember these prayers, everyday we love you.


Mommy and Daddy

Good night my love .

( P.S. we will see you soon. I promise 0:)

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