We Raise the Same Dawn, Giant Within Our Skin

by Philip C. Andermann
(Hamilton, NJ, USA)

I seem to have swallowed the world,
even the distant stars, the darkest corners,
the happiest smile, the unseen tear,
soaking it live into every cell of my mind and body.
To my friend lost among the snow petals,
in the winter before spring:
how can my feelings reach out into the night
to yours which pervade my whole being?

I reach out to every challenge,
that I may reach out to you.
Encouraging you by example, I would dare
to share the joy of true sharing.
Even should the world freeze over
I'll weep with a burning desire:
to share that sun which is rising inside me.
Brother, sister, encompass the world,
soak that sun in,
with your eyes, your deeds - the sun of passion and hope!

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