We Went For A Drive

by McKeon

We went for a drive today
myself and Nella
We didn't really know where we were going -
We had talked about this for years
doing a Thelma and Louise,
while she polished the brasses.

Nella has been my friend for years.
The only one who was nice to me for years.
She helps my Mum.
She has always been there.

We think a lot about Nella,
She is a great girl,
Has done a lot with what she had.
A sh-t life - but she is great,
and strong and honest.

We try to make the best of it, Nella and I
We do what we can, for ourselves and others.

I think she would come to my funeral. Nella
but both of us know what to do
should we begin to think that way -
we know to think positive,
to make the best of it because we have to.

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