We Were The Ones

by Gay Reiser Cannon
(Arlington, TX, USA)

All through the impending doom of two world wars,
a depression of gloom, in between, that clouded all,
and to all that generation, every baby born was
Their Child
We were the ones they prayed for!

We were the ones who lived
who banged the pots & pans
who mimed the freedom calls
We were the ones who rode
in big black cars over black tarred roads.

We were the children of war
We were the ones who heard the drums
who drew the story crayon bright
on subway walls - We were the ones!

We were the ones who'd unite,
who studied well and kept to the rules
did our chores, studied the stars.
We were the ones who played the city
with cheap guitars ticked out on Wall Street boards.
We were the ones who felt the nuclear sands
blow white on the western breeze
glowing as it dusted us in the night.

We were the ones who sewed the songs
into flags we burned for civil rights.
We were the ones who decomposed
the landscape for greed and might.
We were the ones, yes we were the ones.

We were the riders of speed --
fast bikes, fast cars, fast rockets,
metallic rods -
hard, upright, to the deafening roar
of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll
Crying peace Wanting more

And did we indeed succeed?
Out of many, ....few
Out of the thought, ....quiet
Out of the clamor, .....dumb
Out of the passion, ....numb

out of abuse, solitude
out of the city, cells
out in the country - nightmares, injustice, corruption, addiction, disease.

And the parents, grandparents, great grandparents alive or hovering over their graves prayed,
a bead at a time,
a flickering candle

We were the ones who fought again, and many lived
we, we, we, ..............were the ones they prayed for
for .......................an end to war
for........................no more killing fields
that.......Johnny, whole, might stay at home and build a world reconciled,

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 9.26.13 *

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