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Your special moment has past. Wedding Day Thank You Poems from the writers at My WordWizard will help you compose words of gratitude for those who helped make this such a blessed occassion.

Vows have been taken, toasts read out and the festive gathering of your closest friends and family is now a warm memory. Now it's time to let them know how much you appreciate their warm wishes, generous gifts, and the support they have always given you.

We think you'll find the perfect sentiment to help you express your thanks for their sharing in the day of your sacred union.

Close Friends

Thank you for being with us
It was great to have you there.
Life is much more special
When close friends help you share.
You helped to make our day complete
and to have a wonderful day.
The gratitude that we are feeling
Is more than we can say.

Our Gratitude

No amount of words
Can help us to express
The gratitude we feel
and our happiness.
To see you at our wedding
And share our special day
Meant a great deal to us
Much more than we can say.

Happiness Abounds

Thank you so much for being there
and for helping to share our joy.
The gift of your presence was special
In thanks we are not coy
Any day is more memorable
when loved ones are around.
To know that you were there with us
makes our happiness abound.

A Fuller Life

You are a true friend to us
And you helped to share our day.
You made it a little brighter
And you helped us on our way.
Our life is a little fuller
knowing that you’re our friend.
No matter where the road leads
We hope our friendship never ends.

Sharing Our Happiness

You made our marriage day special
because you were there.
We were so very happy knowing
You our happiness could share.
Thank you for joining us
And seeing us on our way.
Just knowing you were there
Helped to make our day.

Poetry by Sharon Hendricks

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