Welcome To The Land Of The Confused

by Ai no ōkami
(Philadelphia, Pa)

It’s hard to get the stories out
I’m fighting against my own doubt
Trying to take control of what was never mine
So I just sit back and try to find the answers in the evening sky
It’s hard to see what I have to work with
When all the other work is so much better than mine
And I never ask why
It just is
And that I think is not alright
When I look up to the sky for answers all I seem to is silence
And the violence
Of another day
In which I will use my tears to pay
For a life which I escape
Using the music to pave my own way
To wonderland filled with characters that understand
But people and reality are calling my name
Saying I can’t escape
Because escape just berates another day
Which the due has been paid
But the day remains unused
I feel alone I feel abused
LIke I am a doll and every tear I shed is another dent made by a child
But instead of simple emotions, like love, the ones I feel are wild
I don’t know where I’m going I’m afraid of where I’ve been
But I feel like someone’s dragging me down the rabbit hole again
I feel myself being born anew into a world of violence
The silence being filled by the evil
And loveless monsters

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