We'll Be Shining Still

by Lovely Faye Dumlao

We met just for a simple cause
But the effect is what matters the most
Different faces with different characteristics
Clashed like chemicals in the lab of a chemist

Brilliant, pathetic and sleeping minds
Doesn't matter cause we learned to be kind
Sensitive, frank, tactless and speechless
Used the heart 'till the mind turned useless

Laughed 'till our nerves couldn't tolerate
Washed the crying moments we hate
Just a year of friends' sharing
But a lifetime of heart's yearning

As we opened our own different gateway
Darkness temporarily filled the way
Though we're not yet all Registered Nurses
Consider this as Heaven's passable test

Time will pass and we will be moving on
Just keep rising cause that's the meaning of going on
Remember when you feel like standing still
In darkness, we will be shining still....

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