"What Are Friends For?"

by Kiara Crowley
(Tupelo, MS)

It was then after church service
I had no reason to be nervous
Not when my friend
Chasity was around
She could always find a way
to knock down my frown
What are friends for?
We couldn't stand our enemies
Because they stung us so,
such crazy bees
All of a sudden,
one enemy lends her
a helping hand
Even though she was
too proud to help
her "real" friend
She never took a stand
I didn't understand
It was then before
I rest my head
Psalm 23 was what I always read
After praying my prayer,
I asked my Heavenly Father"
"What ARE friends for?"
But sadly and sleepily,
I just paused
and confidently replied,
"Why even bother."
"I have you and that's
all that matters."
Thank you. AMEN.

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