Daughter and Dad 

People always ask " What Day is Fathers Day ?"  It is a more profound question than one might initially think. Our relationships with our dads have a huge impact on the person we are or the adult we are to become. Sometimes the bond is strong while other times it is more complicated. We suppose this is part of the shades of grey we experience in life. 

Still, this is the one day of the year that is set aside to reflect on our fathers and father figures, to thank them for all they have done for us, or in some cases even to heal a rift.

Each time Father's Day comes around we receive so many wonderful poetry contributions from our amazing community of writers.  The talent is really extraordinary and we are so very privileged to be associated with them and to provide a forum in which to present their work to a broader audience. 

This year we decided to feature some of these wonderful writers in a series of special pages.  We plan to do more of this in the future.. 

The poems included on this Father's Day page are poignant, loving, and inspiring. We believe they will resonate with you.  In a twist, one of the poems takes the view of a dad as he imparts some fatherly wisdom to his young child. 

We thank all of the contributing writers for helping to make My Word Wizard such a welcoming forum for poets all ages and geographies to explore their inner voice and to hone their craft. They have made us a better place.  And special thanks to Jennifer, Rachel, Debbie and Umesh for crafting the wonderful poems that appear below.

It is our honor and privilege to offer this very special collection of writings from the contributing poets of the My Word Wizard community.

Thank you to them and to you our readers.

Thank You Dad

Thank you Dad,
For everything you've done,
Thank you Dad,
From your daughter and your son.

Thank you Dad,
For just being there,
Thank you Dad,
For showing that you care.

Thank you Dad,
For showing us the way,
Thank you Dad,
For working hard every day.

Thank you Dad,
You're the very best,
Thank you Dad,
Because you're none like the rest.

                               © Debbie Bongiovanni 2012

Let it Be (A Poem from Father to Child)

Sleeping peacefully, my dear baby,
so lovely and mild
Three words I would like you to know, my child
"Let it be"

Sometimes you will give your best
Yet you might be nowhere close to the rest
Just let it be

Sometimes your heart might be broken
With only memories left as a token
Just let it be

Sometimes you have to forget your long wait
And walk away with a losing, disappointed gait
Just let it be

Sometimes all your efforts might go in vain
You might be left with just regrets and pain
Just let it be

Sometimes life may get rough and harsh
But never allow your mind to be marsh
Just let it be

Sometimes close to victory, you might face defeat
But do not let your confidence go offbeat
Just let it be

Sometimes when you are very lost and confused
Know that, within you, I am always fused
So just let it be

                               © Umesh Rao 2012

Yours Forever

The times we shared and the times to share
The laughs we laughed and the loving hugs
The beauty of life we saw
The projects we shared

The memories flow when I see your face
The way you held me, the way you smiled at me
The tears we shed,the fun we have
The similarities between us

We seem inseparable, no one can break our bond
The true love, care and laughter
Sometimes we faltered but you stood near
You never want to let me go

But can't you see that you taught me too well
Just let me be free and spread my wings
I know it's hard to accept but I'm growing up
But I'll never let that break our bond

I treasure you in my heart
Never letting go to my one special person
The one person I call my dad
The one I belong to forever

                               © Rachel 2012

My Father's Car

I crashed
my father's car
when I was fifteen.
"You can take the car
for the day," he said
"if you pick me up
from work." The terms
reasonable, I
eagerly agreed.

The downtown expressway,
a tangled cobweb
of swiftly moving traffic,
confused me.
The overlapping
overpasses intimidated
and every wrong
off ramp led
to bad neighborhoods
with no hope for reentry.

This much be the exit,
I thought, unsure.
Paused behind a Toyota Camry,
I waited my turn
to enter
the unbroken flow
of rush hour.
Watching the speeding cars,
calculating the precise moment
of my merge,
I neglected
the stopped one
in front of me.

A confident push
on the pedal
took me straight
into the back
of the one in front of me.
She hadn't merged yet.
I totaled
my father's car.

Waiting anxiously for him
at the nearest Shell station
in the bad neighborhood
off the wrong ramp -
I waited and worried.

I don't even know
how he got there.
Finally, my dad came
to me with
open arms
and said:
"I'm glad
that you're alright."

                               © Jennifer Clark Evans 2012


We thank each of the poets for publishing their work on our pages.  They own all rights to their individual pieces and no portion of their writings may be used without their permission.

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