What Happened?

by Esther Thornburg
(Cantril, Iowa USA)

What happened to what we hear?
What happened to what we see?
Let the voice of freedom be heard.
Can respect and honor be seen?

"Be honest, be faithful, and be true".
Can its meaning be heard a-new?
What happens when reality is silenced?
Who will say what needs to be said?

So called music has gone
From a soothing melody, to bang on.
So called art has moved, it seems,
From actuality to streaks across the scene.

Freedom has the right to say
"In God we trust".
Does this, our lifestyle display?
Or self desires rule our way?

What happens in the end result?
Does someone need to consult?
Consider the words our maker gave,
That love and life, it may save.

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