What I Never Knew

by Crystal H.

I never knew,

that the stars would remind me of you,

But when I see the night sky,

I think about what we never knew,

About what we never did,

When I see the summer sun,

I think about the time at the park,

in the library, always seeing you,

everywhere I went.

I can't help but smile,

I do regret what I did,

but I'll never regret what I learned,

And so I thank you for what I discovered,

Because without that small bit of knowledge,

I would have made that tiny mistake again,

Trusting my gut,

Trusting my friends,

Trusting my family,

I honestly never thought I'd trust you again,

But now I see,

I was the one in the wrong,

And now my little quest is over,

I found what I needed to,

And for that, I thank you,

Now I can stop staring at the sky,

And remember you without a sigh,

Nor a cry,

Cuz now the pain I once felt for you,

Is finally gone, And I'm ready to move on

Thank you once again, friend of mine.

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