what if?

by Charlie
(United states, CA Los angeles)

I have a friend who always says 'what if'
What if I could fly or never die
what if I could hold my breath so long
or maybe sing a great song.

I could live in king kong
but that's not what if.

I counted how many times he says 'what if'
709 can get you in a big jiffy.

What if there could be peace forever
what if I was light as a feather.

I like his questions
they're really quite nice
made up of things like sugar and spice.

He has the silliest questions
he's just like a clown
makes me laugh and never wears a frown.

He says he says 'what if' so much
because 'what if' could change history
it could make our whole world a mystery

and now look at ME saying 'what if'
a sniff from a flower would be like a shower
making everything possible

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Aug 11, 2012
what if
by: mark gil

i like it .,.,thank u

Jul 25, 2011
Very Good!!
by: Anonymous

Very Good!!

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