What is Required of Me?

by Richard Cassidy
(Winston-Salem, NC, USA)

I’ve followed You out of the darkest night;
I listen, and ache to hear better and yet nothing;

A maestro directing an empty orchestra;
A battlefield of tears tears my heart in two.

There is nothing left that hasn’t been traded and given over;
There are no more chessmen to play.

Ancient words tell of a murderous king who corrected his ways;
Ancient words tell of a hooker who saw the light;
Ancient words I seek, yet refuse to acknowledge You, My Love.

We are charged with dominion and power;
A difference, a life altering difference, is what we all seek to experience and produce.
We refuse to fail as humanity and leave this beautiful planet in worse shape than when presented to us.

And what are my goals?
What are my aspirations?

All I want;
All I really want is to hear Your voice and see Your face;
All I want is to see You move;
I cannot do this alone;
Can’t we do this Together?

Every day;
Every day;
Each and every day I want to fly with You.

Chase me;
Pick me up;
Never let me go.

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