What is the Meaning of Onomatopoeia?

by Sarah Smith
(Taunton, England)

What is the meaning of onomatopoeia?
It sounds so strange. It sounds so queer.
I shall look inside an encyclopedia,
Then I'm sure it will all be plain and quite crystal clear.
But there are so many volumes! It could take all year!

Oh bother, I shall ring a friend who is very dear.
Friend, look at this word here,
Do you know it? It's onomatopoeia.
My friend doesn't know it, and now I fear
I shall never know the meaning of onomatopoeia.

A dictionary, you say? What a good idea!
But will it have a word so obscure as onomatopoeia?
I think I need the services of a learned ear.
Perhaps by the name of William Shakespeare.
But he is dead. He is no longer here.

I despair and think I shall walk off the end of a pier.
And then a little voice inside of my ear
Says "Look in the dictionary. It is a good idea."
And so I try it... I peep... Is it here?
'Onion', 'Only', 'Onomatopoeia'!

This could be the start of a brand new career,
Telling people all about onomatopoeia!
On second thoughts, I think it might well appear
That I am an idiot and not too sincere.
But how good it is to know the meaning of onomatopoeia!

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