What Love is All About

by Roy Rebel
(Ola, Arkansas, USA)

We are not children anymore,
you were running I was walking,
I couldn't keep up,
you couldn't stand to see me fall,
that's okay I like to take things slow,
because we're not children anymore,
we all should slow down,
and enjoy life while we still can,
don't you realize making love,
is not having sex
none whatsoever.
Making love is two hearts
beating as one,
not caring about the situation
that you're going through,
because you're knowing
without a shadow of a doubt
it's going to be OK,
because two people in love
are going to see to it,
making love is two hearts beating as one,
hanging memories on the wall,
Making Love Is two hearts beating as one,
wanting to see each other live their dreams,
and achieve greatness and be happy,
both of them wanting to be
a part of that happiness
when one or the other makes it,
imagining spending our life with one another, 
seeing amazing places with each other,
sharing breathtaking moments together,
and being lost for words.
Always wanting to see each other
with a smiling face,
and hear their laugh, 
And always loving one another.
That's what making love is all about.

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