What Nature Is!

by Tanika

It was the time of peace and reconciliation,
my chivalrous mind was full of imagination

T'was impetuous experience of nature,
thou nature was smiling, a wonderful adventure

Mountains, the gleams of heaven were divine,
birds tossing their heads in group of nine

The lush green gardens were compassionate for me,
all were cheerful an elephant and even bee

This complacent earth is my place of birth,
and this land is also my place of berth

Bathed with fascination when I seek waterfall,
my soul accomplishes purity with droplets of rainfall

This experience was mine past,
now pollution has made its place vast

Lands appear to be barren,
mountains are no more a heaven

pollution absconds the beauty of nature,
lush green gardens are not mature

Tigers gone, elephants extinct,
see how present and past distinct

I wonder when time will comes again?
when homosapiens realize nature's pain?

When flowers and grass manipulate?
when this nature will recreate?
When! When! When! When!

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