What To Expect

by Koby Chapman

Unimaginable power, my hell.
salvation and damnation are
the same thing. Once whence
someone owns the stage.

How many more? How many
more? Save them for later. Clear
and never come back. Alone now
Alone now. World is grey, no one
else. The sky, gone, with them they
stole, but with anything comes
nothing but an ecstasy of pain and
if anyone who stopped those that are
Insane, then one cannot do this......

Love, good idea, the type of my command
, I've gone to far.....just do it.....you live.....
You love......you hold it tight, you break it
upon the diamond, you break it upon the
strength of all that you hold dear.

No one else will have to live , no one will
ever have to feel this pain.....ever.

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