What you are to me

by Lara
(Kentucky )

You are the sun, that shines my day
The radiant light, that brightens my way.

I try to look away
but i just can't
My heart keeps singing, the same old chant.

Telling me, never to let you go
I've loved you all along, i hope you know.

I cant seem to get you, Off my mind
Its like i 
can see you, even if i were blind.

If i hold you ,i would never let go
Charmed by your beauty, and your lovely glow.

When i look at you, all i can see 
Is a beautiful girl, holding my heart's key.

I miss you a lot, that i wont hide
I just wish, you could be here, by my side.

I'll stand by you, through thick and thin
After all, you are my soulmate, my twin.

If distance is our destiny, it's so unfair
It  hurts too much, too much to bare.

All our memories, what we shared, what you drew
Are all in my heart, a part, of why i love you.

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