When a Boy Breaks Your Heart

by shakedriaandkera
(West Helena)

When a boy breaks your heart, it feels as if the whole world has come to an end.

It takes your breath away and it takes a lot from you.

When you are in love it doesn’t just take time to mend.

It’s the very love and hatred you have for the boy who broke you heart.

The worst thing was done, why didn’t he just throw a dart?

For the pain and sadness, and happiness this boy has given you, you think, “wow he really is just a boy".

And you’re right. Only a child would hurt somebody he loved so dearly and truly

So my advice to you..........Get a man who will treat you right and do anything for you. It’s the men of the world who know how to love, and take, and give

Don’t waste your time depending on that BOY!!
The boy who brought you up just to tear you down

Love is the very meaning of life, to us, to them and to others around us.........that boy who hurt you...........will always and forever love you and regret he ever did

He will always be to you...that boy who broke your heart

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