When Does it End?

by Anna
(Appleton, WI)

I sit here looking back at all the years, all the tears
Did I waste them or were they worth my time
I sit here thinking of those I've loved, those who have left
I can't help but wonder....was it worth my time.

I think life is more complicated than words can ever express.
How do you take your heart and open it up to tell the world how you really feel. How can they understand if they are on the outside looking in?

I know now that life and love are intertwined, the two can't exist without the other. I love someone who's far away, who I know I can never have and yet I cannot stop the ache that I feel when I think of them, when I hear their name.

I sit here looking back at all the years, was it worth my time.
Yes, it was.

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